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I thought of this before I came home to my mother.

Good weather

The weather here sucked major for the last fortnight - mugginess and crazy amount sun and sprinkling of rain. However, early this morning 6 am, someone saw it as the right time to drop the biggest downpour - thunder and all down here. It definately cooled everything here for the day and giving me the opportunity to walk around without sweltering like a mad hog.

Old friends

More specifically, old friends who would lend you their camera and lens that's worth just as much as your own kit for the day - no question asked and under 24 hour noticeuntil they meet you. No rental either even though I volunteered to pay them (rightfully) for their equipment because I was shooting for work and not my own personal gain.

So yes.

Not all bad

May. 8th, 2008 07:57 pm
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So while I got sick and was unable to go back to Seattle as scheduled, this means I get to spend Mother's Day with my mom.

For the first time in five years.


May. 1st, 2008 06:04 pm
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When no one else is there to listen, and when I feel my worst, my cats can always make it better.

Like how they're doing it right now.
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there's a house being redone, entirely, across from mine. (i live in part of a house i rent from someone and i call it an apartment, but i'm in a very suburban neighborhood).


usually when i leave for work in the morning, there's some loud, crazy, obnoxious music blasting from the workmen over there.

yesterday morning when i went outside, it was u2's 'beautiful day.'

u2 is my favorite band, and that song never fails to get me to smile.

didn't hurt that the biggest guy on that work crew was belting it at the top of his lungs, either. ;)
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Being full in terms of physical sensations - sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings - is to be full of worldly food; but being filled with the highest joy - which comes from a peaceful mind free from the disturbance of sense-object - is to be full of the food of the Dhamma.


Apr. 25th, 2008 03:28 pm
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i've been trying to lose weight.

i lost three pounds.
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I just thought I would post here that I'm considering buying a six month old, wire haired, black and tan miniature dachshund named Pork Chop. I just got his picture today and I'm going to go meet him tomorrow. He is the cutest thing ever.
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... there is a pond a block from my office.

it's full of turtles.

i love turtles.

last count, there were 18.

this makes my day infinitely better.
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No matter how down I am, LolCats make me smile. And that site makes me want to adopt a cat.

Other good things today-it was 72 degrees, sunny, with a light breeze. In other words, a PERFECT day weather wise.

Top that off with the fact that my husband had the day off too and it was perfect. We met my dad for his birthday lunch, and then went for a walk together and then went to Red Robin and had the best milkshakes ever (I swear I'm not getting kickbacks for saying that) with our dinner.
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I forget these things sometimes.

The boss, me and two colleagues drove out to lunch today. We started to turn into a side lane when we were nearly t-boned (a word I picked up from Ali and Mila) by a car driving too fast on the second lane.

Thankfully, the other driver had good brakes because for 2 seconds, I was staring at the radiator grill and bumper of some BMW SUV out of the sedan window. If the other driver had not braked, the boss and I would have gotten hit. I wasn't wearing the seat belt because I was the back seat passenger.

so... yes, thank you

Thank yous

Apr. 20th, 2008 06:14 pm
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I've been in a kind of bad mood because of the way I'm physically feeling, but when I finally got the internet to work at my mom's (which is a good thing in and of itself), I was surprised with this from my players at the game I mod.

It really made me feel good.
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Absolutely love this community. So far the entries have made me smile and I look forward to more.

So... good things.

Well, my job has a lot of ups and downs, being a retail environment. But the best thing about it is working with people. There's so many opportunities for good things to happen.

This is going to sound really cheesy, but I get a total thrill out of turning someone's mood around. Like, if they come in upset and walk out smiling, that's awesome.

So today, I had a customer come in upset about a situation and she was on the brink of cancelling. When she walked out, she had renewed her contract and gotten a new phone and was happy about it.

So, I love making someone's day a little better. And I love that I work for a company that gives me options to offer to customers to do just that.

Of course, if I worked for a company that didn't let me do that in this type of job, I would have resigned in protest long ago.

Besides that, I'm realizing more and more that there is good in everyone. Sometimes it's just harder to see. But there was one person at work that was really snobby and just kind of unaccepting of me when I first started there, and when I had a really bad day due to some of the things going on in my life and broke down at work, she was there to ask what was wrong and then she actually gave me a really nice hug and some words of comfort. It's amazing what people are capable of when given the chance to show it.

Yeah, so my next post will hopefully not be work-centric. There are good things outside of work too, but these are the things on my mind at the moment :)


Apr. 17th, 2008 02:32 pm
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::x-posted to my journal::

daily does of happy//project 365 makes a comeback:


...kosher for passover alef-bet fruit snacks. presented to me this morning by my office-mate, [livejournal.com profile] charaxinae.

because she is awesome like that. <3
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Today was a day of small matters - I saw two people on the bus today who gave up their seats to a mother who was struggling with her child and pram. It was an incident where I would have given up my seat if I had one. While I would have only expected a person but to see two people getting up to give up an entire two seater to her and the kid was just heartwarming. It somehow reaffirmed my belief that there is still some form of kindness in this world after all.

I had lunch with two collectors at the Four Seasons Hotel and despite our age difference ("you look like my daughter!"), they were kind enough not to eat my head off and were just fun to talk to. We spoke of everything under sun, art and photography. While they could have made me foot the bill for lunch, they instead bought my lunch. And offered to drive me to meet my boss in their Bentley. (I declined - the meeting point was walking distance - but a bentley!)

Part of the conversation over lunch was about philanthropy. They couldn't understand why people would not give back to the society and in their own ways, they had and wasn't averse towards making anonymous 5 figure donations to high school scholarships and other causes. It was quite amusing as well because of the topics - we spoke of life and friendship and they took it on themselves to give me an idea of what life is in that very solemn but even fatherly manner. People like that often remind me that life isn't just about splurging money - even if I am envious but also the belief that something good can come out of it.

Oh.. and because I had to go to the meeting, I decided it wasn't worth taking 1 hour to go to work and back down again. So I got to spend a relatively lax morning at home and pick up coffee later in town.
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i'm not sure how many people reading this know me, and how many don't. so i'll start this by saying i'm a religious jew. i pray. a lot. and lately, when i get to the part of my daily prayers that says, referring to god, 'you open your hand and satisfy the needs of every living thing,' i get a little bit teary.

i make, like, no money. i often run out of food. i often have to borrow from friends and swallow my pride.

this morning, thinking that i was about to have to do that again, i walked into my office and there was a check waiting on my desk. from my bosses. for money owed to me.

not a lot, but enough.

and after a really, really shitty day yesterday and being at work until 1 a.m., i woke up to a text message from a friend that said he hoped my day was better.

also worth mentioning: stuck at work until 1 meant i caved and went on instant messenger. and everyone i was talking to made it a little more bearable.

so thank you, all.

i really needed that.
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So I probably should have done this first, before posting other things. But better late than never!

What this community is about: It has been said that if we think that life is only going to bring us bad things, then bad things are all that will happen. If we focus on the good, and think good things will happen to us, then they will. This place is to encourage the good. To talk about the things that have happened to you that are good, that you have seen happen to other people, that you have done for other people, or have seen done for other people. You can post ideas you have for helping, or something you want to do - a project, a present, whatever - maybe you need help with it, maybe you don't.

Maybe you just want to make somebody smile.

Life has positive things to it, and I'd like to see more of that spread around. This isn't to say that bad things don't happen. I know they do. And I'm not telling people to ignore them. I'm just trying to help encourage people to focus more on the little things. You woke up and saw a rainbow. Somebody gave you a dvd you've been wanting. You helped somebody pay a bill they needed to pay. These kinds of things and many, many others.

What we don't do here: Post negative and ugly things. We don't post about things that are mean, or mean spirited. This includes talking down to people here. Don't start fights. Don't spread hate. Don't antagonize, or flame people. These things are for your personal journal or other communities.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a sunny person, and I'm not an optimist. But I am a Buddhist, and doing my best to walk the middle path.
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I finally got a hold of the TestOut people. She set up an account for me. I'm going to get to take the CSI course after all.
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I slept today for about 10 hours. This comes after three days of not sleeping and about a week of sleeping very badly. I took medication to manage it, but that doesn't really matter to me. I slept. It was a good and restful sleep.

And I feel really good.
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